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Sexual Positions. If there’s one thing that interests all of us, it’s information about sex positions. The search term “sex positions” receives about 10,000 searches a day on Google, and throws up about 3 million results.

Frequently Asked Questions. Should a Christian oppose gay (same-sex) marriage and partnerships? What does the Bible say about gay and lesbian sex?

Nadine Dorries said that while secondary college pupils were shown how to put condoms on bananas, they should also be told ‘how to say no’.

“Just Say No” was an advertising campaign, part of the U.S. “War on Drugs”, prevalent during the 1980s and early 1990s, to discourage ren from engaging in

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It does say in the Bible that women are not to preach the word. I personally think it is ok for Beth to have her “Women’s conferences” if men choose to go she can’t stop them.

This guide is designed to help you get your ex teenfriend or ex manfriend back with the right text messages. It’ll teach you how to text your ex for the first time after no contact, how to turn your text messages into deep meaningful conversations and it’ll teach you how to transition from text messages to a phone call or a date.

Making a woman feel the desire to have sex is actually a lot easier than most guys realize. Here are 5 things that you can do to make a woman want to have sex when:

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Sex is about more than just arousal. Whether you’re want that one special person or play the field, you want to understand why women say “yes” to sex.”

Whether your sex drive took a total nose dive or an innocent catnap, these 50 science- and expert-approved tips and tricks will boost your mojo in no time.

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