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WW2 German Hats, WW2 Caps, SS Caps. Reliable and Professional WWII uniforms and military gear factory in China.

German Militaria ,italian militaria specialized in uniforms and uniform of german ,third reich and italian fascist.Also fascist uniforms and other items of fascist era and uniformthird reich with other items nazi era

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Hessen Antique provides high quality reproduction uniforms and uniform accessories. These are new uniforms and exact reproductions, NOT cheap conversions, movie props or low quality copies.

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Here you find WWI uniforms and field gear of the german, french, british and US forces in WWII. Most of the items are quality reproduction but you also find a few originals here.

welcome to at the front “Who are we?” We are a US company, in business since 1992, based in central Kentucky that provides exact reproduction WWII US and German uniforms and gear for history buffs, reenactors, collectors, museums and films.

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M36T.Reproduction German WW2 field gray wool M36 tunics. These tunics have the Bottle green collar, pleated pockets, belt hook provisions, split cuffs, first aid dressing pocket, and hook and eye at the collar.

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We manufacture and sell exact reproduction WW2 Uniforms and Gear, US and German, for history buffs, re-enactors, collectors, …

Hessen Antique offers original militaria and museum quality reproduction German uniforms and headgear for collectors and reenactors. Our German uniforms are without exception, the most authentic, high quality reproductions available.

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This is a very well made reproduction German WWII Allgemeine-SS, M32 NCO, Black 100% Wool with white piping sewn on the collar.

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