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I offer different amounts of hair to reroot your dolls, depending on the length you need. That way, you don’t spend extra money on extra hair you don’t need!

Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers, based on aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides.Nylon is a thermoplastic silky material that can be melt-processed into fibers, films or shapes.

Almost warp knitting fabric used Polyester and Nylon fiber for the raw material,following is the characteristics of Polyester and Nylon Fiber.

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Nylon webbing and strapping is versatile and also affordable, making it a popular solution. Shop nylon webbing in several sizes and styles at Strapworks.com!

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America’s trusted nylon webbing supplier; buy from our vast selection of strap colors, widths, and strengths as low as $0.11 per foot!

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“Monofilament” is a term of art used to describe extruded, single-strand fishing line made from a variety of different plastics. Monofilament leaders and tippets are now made from three distinctly different plastic materials: nylon, fluorocarbon and bioabsorbable polymer.

Boker’s is a manufacturer of nylon flat washers. Nylon Flat Washers. Boker’s is a stamping manufacturer of nylon flat washers. Nylon is …

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See our selection of Rope including Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Cotton, Manila. Choose from any configuration including Twisted or Braided Rope.!

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80’s inspired tank leotard features a thong back, cotton gusset, and jazz cut leg line. Leotard is unlined. Ideal for wearing under or over tights and leggings. This garment must be individually hand washed in cold water.

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Physical and Chemical Properties Nylon Fabrics Composition: The nylons are polyamides with recurring amide groups. They contain carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen elements.

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