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The Russian Federation emerged as a great power in the early twenty-first century, also considered to be an energy superpower. The country is considered the Soviet Union’s successor state in diplomatic matters, and is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

October: The Story of the Russian Revolution, China Míeville, Verso, 384 pages. The Dilemmas of Lenin: Terrorism, War, Empire, Love, Revolution, Tariq Ali, Verso, 384 pages. On October 25, 1917, across the city of Petrograd, the Bolshevik party was preparing to take power from the Provisional

Classification. Russian is an East Slavic language of the wider Indo-European family.It is a lineal [citation needed] descendant of the language used in Kievan Rus’, a loose conglomerate of East Slavic tribes from the late 9th to the mid 13th centuries.

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Britain has led the world in all that is civilised, from culture to condiments. Here’s our extensive list of things Britain gave the world.

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May 02, 2017 · Grade the President: Here’s what you thought of Trump’s first 100 days

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A history of the Big Muff, from the Foxey Lady, to the Russian Sovteks, to the current USA re-issue. Everything you want to know about Big Muffs with sound clips. Big Muff Pi, Electro Harmonix, Ram’s Head, Triangle, Sovtek, Green, Green Russian, Black Russian, Civil War, BYOC Large Beaver, P-2, P2, Pete Cornish, Mike Matthews, Little Big Muff

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For those interested in the military implications of the recent revelations by Vladimir Putin about new Russian weapon systems I would recommend the excellent article entitled “The Implications of Russia’s New Weapon Systems” by Andrei Martyanov who offers a superb analysis of what these new

France : Micaela Flores Amaya “La Chunga” (Marseille, 1938) Even though “La Chunga” is known worldwide as a Flamenco dancer (and Flamenco artists are not included in this webpage), her mention here is as a Romany painter.

Kaspersky Lab (/kæˈspɜːrski/ ; Russian: Лаборатория Касперского, Laboratoriya Kasperskogo) is a multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider headquartered in Moscow, Russia and operated by a holding company in the United Kingdom.

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