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CROUP OVERVIEW. The term croup is used to describe a variety of respiratory illnesses in ren. It mostly occurs in infants and ren between six months and three years of age, and is less commonly seen in ren older than six years.

Croup is an upper respiratory tract viral infection that causes a barking cough. ren under 3 years of age are most likely to get croup. Read …

Croup is common. Don’t let “recurrent croup” slip by without further considering other significant airway issues.

Throat problems are common and are usually caused by a viral infection. Learn more about problems that affect the throat.

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Croup is a viral illness in ren which causes narrowing of the upper airways. Croup is often a mild illness but can quickly become serious, so do not hesitate to …

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Croup is common in ren and infants. But, it can be treated well if detected soon. Here are top home remedies for croup that are safe for your ren.

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Croup; Synonyms: Laryngotracheitis, subglottic laryngitis, obstructive laryngitis, laryngotracheobronchitis: The steeple sign as seen on an AP neck X-ray of a with croup

Have you ever had a cough that sounds similar to a barking or seal? You’ve unfortunately had experience with croup cough. Here’s how to treat it.

Find out if your has croup, whether this hood illness is dangerous, how to recognize croup’s cough, how to treat it, and more.

Croup definition, any condition of the larynx or trachea characterized by a hoarse cough and difficult breathing. See more.

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